Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Five Crazy (Not Golden) Rings from the Web

Surfing around I often find some interesting, outrageous or just plain ugly (but compellingly ugly) rings out there. Here are some of my latest finds.

2 Karat Engagement Ring

2 Carrot Karat Ring

Two karat engagement ring. Um, that is, two carrot ring ... 'nuf said! Source.

Industrial Wedding Rings

Coupling Wedding Rings

Not sure which ring is supposed to belong the bride, and which to the groom. Wait a second ... let's see ... oh, right, got it! Giggle. Source.

Chest of Drawers Ring

Drawer Ring

Great! A ring where you can keep small and important objects. What are those round pieces of jewelry called again? Source.

Cup Ring

Cup Ring
It's hot. You're thirsty. You come across a cool stream. You drink from it, but then you need to get on your way. No Nalgene bottle! What to do? Wait a minute, I have a liquid-holding vessel right here on my finger. Thank god!!! Source.

Vacuum Tube Ring

Vacuum Tube Ring

That AM radio set not working? No problem, I have the hardware here right on my finger. But, oh, wait, that would leave me with ... um, an incredibly industrial, ugly piece of metal. Sorry. Get XM (or is that Sirius?). Source.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Valentine's Heart Rings

Keeping with Valentine's day theme, I thought I'd share some of my favorite heart ring pictures with you.

"Diamond" Heart (eBay)

Stainless Steel Heart Ring

Isn't this just the coolest heart ring you've ever seen? And though it looks flashy, it's actually stainless steel and CZ rather than white gold and diamonds. Okay, I like diamond and gold ... but I'd rather pay $30 than $3000!

Single Heart Ring (Zeta Tau)

Single Heart Ring

Simple yet different. I like how it's chunky ... makes a statement!

Double Heart Ring (Bid or Buy)

Double Heart Ring

Aw, nothing says love like intertwined hearts. What would be great is if you could get one for your boyfriend or husband, and one for yourself. Um, right ... and that might just be more girly than you'd like your man to be anyway.

Triple Heart Ring (Diamond Harmony)

Triple Heart Ring

Alright, this is a bit over the top ... but it's pretty! This is the real meal deal: 40 diamonds set in white gold.

Happy Valentine's day, ring lovers!

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